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This site was designed as a reference tool for football and history buffs of former Tasmanian Australian Rules football players who became household names.

We do not claim it to be an exhaustive list of every player who ever pulled on a guernsey but we have attempted to bring you the players we consider to be "Tasmanian Football Legends".

If you, the reader, have a player you think ought be included please send details to the editor for consideration/discussion

We hope you enjoy our look at the greats of Tassie Footy.

In the beginning

Australian Rules football has been in existence in Tasmania since approximately 1860.
The first time football was played in Tasmania was in Hobart where the Railway Station was at what is now the current ABC building roundabout and also in Butler's paddock in Hampden Road Battery Point.
During the period since, some 130 years, we have seen and heard about many people who for one reason or another were classed as fine exponents of the Australian game.
Tasmania has been a nursery for the VFL and then the AFL giving the state an enviable record of producing over 300 players who have competed at that level. No state outside the Victorian birthplace of the game comes close to challenging this record.

This website is an attempt to list as many "footy legends" as we can and also celebrate the island states rich history of involvement with Aussie Rules.

We have researched far and wide to access old photos, footy records and other information pertinent to Tasmanian football in order to bring you, the football public, a glimpse into the life and times of the blokes who played footy in Tasmania.

All our Tasmanian Football Legends have been grouped into categories according to when they first started playing football at Senior level.
Some of them may not be native Tasmanians or may not have started their senior careers in Tasmania but all became "Tasmanian Football Legends" in the island state.

You may choose to agree or disagree with our categorisations but we hope it may spark debate and provide many hours of enjoyment discussing footy (hopefully with an ale in hand).

To view information about any of or Tasmanian Football legends simply click on the links provided.

The Editors - Dan Garlick & Ken Anderson


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